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Do you have a store?

We are a small company and do not have a store front.  For school uniforms, we understand that sometimes there is a need for in-person support, whether it is to exchange sizes, return a product, or just to try on a shirt or other garment for size, feel or appearance.  If a need arises, send us an email and we will make arrangements that best suit the need.  We also try to attend some of the activities at the school where you can purchase or try on our products.

Where are you located?

We are located in Lehi, Utah.  See our Contact Us page for the best ways to contact us.

Will you embroider a school logo on a garment that I purchase at another store?

The short answer is "no."  The long answer is a little more complex and includes a combination of issues that include risk, compliance with school uniform policy, permission for use of the logo, and also ensuring quality.